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What is phpWatch?

phpWatch is a free, open-source, web-based service monitoring system written in PHP. It includes features to check if services are online as well as validate their output. Out of the box, alerts can be sent to the proper individuals by e-mail and text-message, although other methods can be created by developers.

Is there a demo?

A demo can be found on the demonstration page with all frontend features enabled. The only disabled feature in the demo is notifications to prevent abuse.

What do I need to run phpWatch?

phpWatch requires a web-server running PHP 5+. The default method of storage is mySQL which requires access to a single database with basic permissions. Extensions can be written for phpWatch to allow storage in any form, though. A cronjob (or Scheduled Task in Windows) must also be setup to allow phpWatch to periodically poll services and send notifications.

Where do I report a bug or request a feature?

Please submit an issue ticket at GitHub.